Calendario 2018-Xmas

Advent Calendar

21-11-2018,,en,Thank you very much to all the volunteers of companies and individuals,,es

Like every Christmas,,es,from the Occupational Workshop of Boscana,,es,we have been working on this year's new Advent calendar,,es,we keep handling the rolls and the gifts inside,,es,We have the collaboration of Saica,,es,for the boxes and thus they arrive perfect to their destination,,es,This year they have traveled,,es,besides Barcelona,,es,to London,,es,Málaga,,en,I hope you enjoy them,,es,Thank you very much to all the volunteers of companies and individuals,,es,that you have been coming during these months,,es,to help us with all the work,,es, desde el Taller Ocupacional de Boscana, has been,es… Read more


Summer Party


Summer Fiesta families Boscana! Una cena fantástica rodeados… Read more

collage Teleflex

Teleflex: Voluntariado Corporativo

12-07-2018,,en,On June 12 we had the collaboration of the companies Teleflex and Together to organize their corporate volunteering at Fundación Boscana,,es,Thanks Teleflex and Together ,,es

Last June 12 we have the collaboration of companies,es… Read more


Levi´s en Boscana


Barcelona, May 17, 2018,,es,Co for your wonderful collaboration,,es,May 17,,es. Felices y agradecidos a Levi Strauss… Read more