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In 1961 we were innovative, inaugurating one of the first centers in Catalonia to serve people with intellectual disabilities. This year 2021, we take another step forward and work on innovation in Boscana, creating the BOSCANA HUB, working to achieve economic, environmental and social sustainability, in alliance and synergies with people, companies and entities of the third sector that want to produce a positive impact on society.

+ Innovation Think Tank
Space for creating synergies between companies and the third sector.

+ Impact Philanthropy
Social Impact Programs (Values ​​- Metrics – Due Diligence)

+ ODS – United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

+ Adaptation of spaces
New Urbanism, the residence of the future

+ Natural resources
The forest, therapeutic gardens, energy efficiency

¿Do we work together creating positive impact? Let’s talk:

Elena de Carandini Raventós, Director BOSCANA HUB  | T +34 620 91 91 91


You can collaborate with us in different ways, as a friend of Boscana, making a donation to our Foundation, creating alliances with your company or with your time being a volunteer.

With your financial contribution, you can help in the different projects of the Foundation, in different ways and make the dreams of the people of our residence and occupational workshop grow.

Banc Sabadell: ES96 0081 1686 4900 0104 9812



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